About Us

“Since 1987, ACI Institute has been committed to helping students receive all the tools necessary to succeed in school today and get into a top-tier university tomorrow.”

Our Curriculum

Incorporating creative lessons and ideas, remedy we designed our curriculum to help students prepare for the most current standards and tests.

Our Instructors

Our highly-trained teachers have tons of classroom experience and provide a fun and nurturing learning environment.

Your Success

Whether you’re trying to get straight A’s in school, a perfect SAT score, or into the college of your dreams, success is inevitable with us. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials!


Peter Chen

Princeton University – SAT 2400

The classes are brilliantly designed and were intellectually engaging all the way through.


Jozanne Murphy

University of Pennsylvania Early Decision

With dedicated, personable, and well-qualified ACI teachers, I was able to improve my SAT score by over 600 points  in less than a year.


Tatiana Su

Rice University

ACI’s classes allowed me to reach my full potential and excel beyond my expectations.


Stephanie Shao

Cal Tech – SAT 2390

Without the meticulous planning that both my instructors and the director placed in the SAT courses and college counseling sessions, I doubt I could have done as well as i wanted to.


Sabina Chen

MIT ($244,000 total scholarship)

Going on the East Coast tour was the best gift from my mom. I always thought I wanted to go to MIT, but after seeing the campus I KNEW  for sure that it would be the right school for me.


Brittany Wang

Wellesley University

Looking back at my time at ACI, I’ve learned the power of putting in all my efforts to effectively learn and reach my potentials. I am forever grateful and would recommend this school to anyone who’s willing to take his/her education to the highest level.


Nahlee Lin

Standard University – SAT 2400

Taking SAT classes at ACI was one of the best decisions of my life! During my time there, ACI helped me reach my full potential by helping me to identify my areas of weakness and by giving me important advice and strategies. The teachers made class enjoyable but still productive, and everyone at ACI was devoted to helping all of the students succeed.


Bruce Tiu

Stanford University – SAT 2400

Thanks to ACI, I was able to achieve a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT on my first try. I would especially like to thank my teachers for their motivating and inspiring way of teaching. Their fun and witty style of teaching made mastering that part of the SAT a lot more bearable, as it can be tedious. Their techniques helped me strengthen my skills, and have found myself able to apply them even outside of testing.


Felipe Acevedo

Dartmouth College

There is something extraordinary about ACI. While it is the individual who yields his own scholastic success, ACI provides the tools, resources, people, counseling, guidance, motivation, and atmosphere very helpful to obtaining that desired success.

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