Common College Myths Unmasked

Year after year there are many beliefs and theories regarding the whole college application and admission process. It becomes harder each year to classify which beliefs are true and which are myths. In fact, there are actually four college admission statements that students often worry about but are actually myths and completely false.

One of the most common myths’ is that there is only one right college for every student. The students believe it is a lock and key format where they can only truly perfectly fit into one school. This is completely false because there might be other colleges that are also a great fit and many other open doors that students should consider. An admissions counselor at William Peace University even stated that, “The right place for [a student] will be revealed, all in due time.” This means that students should always keep an open mind to all the options that are available to them. Another common myth is that the student should be fully aware of their intended major before applying. Although being aware of their major can help them narrow down the schools they apply to, it is not a mandatory requirement for admission. The dean of admission at Hanover College encourages students to have an open mind during the enrollment process. Students are allowed to apply with an undeclared major or even change their major once they are accepted into the school.

Thirdly, Students should also not worry about the method they use to apply to colleges. Some students think that there is a difference if they use the proprietary application versus the Common Application. However in the end, all colleges will receive the application and they do not distinguish the way in which the application was submitted from another. Students should instead focus on submitting all required documents correctly and on time. The last myth that students should be aware of is know is that there is no specific number of extracurricular activities that the student is expected to be part of.  Jessie Baker, first-year admissions coordinator at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, states that “We would rather see that a student has been seriously involved in three to four organizations for several years versus joining 10 clubs their senior year to look involved. What we want to see is that students have quality involvement in areas that interest them and [students] have taken leadership responsibilities within those organizations.” It is also important that students understand that involvement does not necessary have to be fully school-related, it can be other activities that improve their community or even a work experience.

These are some of the most common myths that students worry about during college admissions. Hopefully the truth behind these myths can help high school students worry less and enjoy this process a little more.

This passage is adapted from My College Guide, 2015.  (http://mycollegeguide.org/blog/11/2015/4-common-college-admission-myths-debunked/)

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