How to Keep Calm and Beat Senioritis

We get it. You spent countless hours applying for college, preparing for the SATs, studying for your classes, and writing the flawless personal statement that tells colleges just how perfect you are for their freshman class. Now, you have either heard back from them or you’re still waiting anxiously.

If you’re still waiting, here are some tips to stay calm while you wait for college decisions:

1. Decide whether or not you want to talk about it. While the big holiday family dinners are over, family members may still want to know what is going on. For some people, talking about the process alleviates stress. For others, talking about it creates more stress. If you do not want to talk about college admissions, let your family and friends know that you appreciate their concerns but do not want to talk about it right now. Let them know that when you hear back and make a decision, you will be happy to share the news then.

2. Get a new hobby. A great way to distract yourself from over-thinking is to try a new hobby. Because it is new, you will be more excited and need time to learn. Whether it is starting a new YouTube channel, learning how to sew or code, or taking up mountain biking, there is always something new to learn and something to do.

3. Don’t overhype a school. If you build up your top schools too much, you will feel an increasing amount of anxiety as you wait for their decision. It can also cause you to start thinking that admission into your “dream college” will either make or break your entire self-worth. Remind yourself of the positives and negatives to each school you applied to. Having a more realistic view of the situation will help put things into perspective.

But what if you already heard back from your dream school? Don’t let yourself succumb to senioritis! Yes, we know that you are ‘practically’ done, but here are some tips and reasons why to combat senioritis:

1. Colleges will reconsider their admission offer if your GPA falls. Often times, that admission offer letter contains a note that admission is contingent on satisfactory completion of high school. Don’t forget, almost every university requests midyear and final grade reports!

2. Think about your parents. While a few lucky students may receive full ride scholarships to their schools, others may not be as fortunate. If your parents are helping you pay for your education, show them your appreciation by maintaining your academic success. Many scholarships require a minimum GPA to be considered.

3. Become a better you. Take up a hobby or try a new activity. Not only can trying something new keep you from succumbing to the lethargic symptoms of senioritis, but it can help you become a better and more interesting person. Whether you pick up a new instrument or decide to start hiking every weekend, the experience will be memorable.

And the biggest reason to not give into senioritis? You. After all these years of studying and slaving away to get into your dream school, don’t slack off and risk losing your reward. It is just a few more months and then you can use all your planning and goal setting skills to make the most of your summer. Until then, keep calm and beat senioritis.

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Written by Ms. An, ACI College Counselor

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